Friday, April 9, 2010

PAD Challenge - Days 8 & 9

Oops! I missed a day! Sorry 'bout that. Two for one this post!

Day 8 - Choose a tool, make it the title of your poem, and write.


I can’t get over how endearing they are.

Sturdy, underneath me,

at the times when changes were being made.

When the walls were changing color,

when mistakes and broken boards

were being fixed,

when life was covered in dust and chaos

the ladder stood solid underneath me.

Supporting familiarity

Mixed with the odd creative feeling

Of painting, even though painting white walls

Requires no creativity at all,

Makes me regard it as a friend

Who always wants to do something together.

Even if its just being propped up against the house

And I stand on the topmost sticker that says

“Not a step”

just to feel the breeze sway me gently.

Day 9 - Artists do self-portraits all the time to gain artistic perspective about the human face. Poets are word artsits, so write a poem about yourself.


The woman-girl poses like a Vermeer

Staring out the window,

Not knowing her hooked nose and

Sharp cheek bones make her look

Like the witch from Narnia.

Her regal head drops on her hand

Forgetting all proper posture

While imagining things outside.

Her other hand is paused on the keyboard

That she’s supposed to be typing on.

Blonde hair that could be full

If she brushed it flows around her shoulders

A little scraggly.

With shrewd features and a little mirth in the eyes

No one knows what to make of her

Except that she’s there.


  1. Though your day 9 poem was well written, I would have liked to have seen you describe yourself as more beautiful, as you are a very beautiful person. :) I hope you realize that, because you defiantly are!

  2. Thanks, Gracia. But to be honest, people have actually told me several times to my face that I look like Jadis in the movie. I don't mind. I kind of like that actually. :D

    Hey, and thanks for posting your poems on the blog. Keep up the good writing!