Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PAD Challenge - Day 21

Day 21 - Write a poem with the title "According to ________ ".

According to the apple on my desk

Today is a good day.
It's been sitting there
since yesterday and it sees
that today I packed
candy bars and fruit juice
and salty snacks for lunch.
It knows I won't eat it.
According to the apple on my desk
today is a good day.


  1. iHappiness

    It’s what drives our brains.
    It’ll be the thing putting us in our graves.

    It’s a picture in a frame.
    Brings a smile to my face.

    It’s like the old man told me.
    It’s not worth fighting for.
    It ain’t worth dying over.
    Like he said,
    There’s more to life than

    Cause happiness,
    It’s just a bunch of lies,
    Tellin us we’ll be alright.
    It’s just a fake light,
    Keeping our hopes high.

    And happiness,
    It’s in the moment.
    It never lasts.
    It’s kinda like the frail autumn grass.

    It’s like a pencil mark.
    It can be erased.
    It’s nothing like the ink
    People make it out to be.
    It’s never permanent.
    It never lasts.
    And you can’t tell me
    That there is nothing more to life than

    Cause happiness,
    I can’t place my finger on it.
    So I threw it all away.
    All in search of

    So, I guess this,
    This is

  2. That would be day 21's poem, I posted there... I put a lot of thought into the words, though I only really spent a few minutes to write it. It was written based upon what was on my mind at the time, what I was thinking about. I has a lot of meaning to me. It's kinda like my vision, my warning, my experience.

  3. Day 23's poem:

    A New Day Cluttered With Yesterday

    Today may be a new day,
    And the vibrant sun may still rise.
    But yesterday’s pain lingers near.
    Yesterday’s problems never seem to
    Leave me alone.

    Mercy may be fresh every morning,
    But redemption is hard to acquire.
    The past is hard to let go.
    Memories seem impossible to forget.

    So what does it really mean
    To start a new day?
    Does it, CAN it erase yesterday’s pain and suffering?
    What’s the point of starting fresh,
    If the things of old won’t quit tempting ones weary soul?
    And what’s the point of moving on,
    If truly, we are only blinding ourselves
    To the painful memories that
    We can not forget?

    We may burn a million pictures, but
    We can never erase our pasts.
    We can never loose the photographs
    In our heads.