Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PAD challenge - Day 6

Because of the unique format of the poetry prompt today, I strongly suggest you head over to Robert Brewer's blog if you're into the whole prompt thing.

Prompt for the day - Write an Ekphrastic poem (looks like an Elephant sneezed on my keyboard, doesn't it?)

An Ekphrastic poem is one that is based off of or centered around or describes, etc. a non-literary work of art. So paintings, sculptures, etc. If you choose a visual piece other than what Robert posted, please feel free to post a link to it in the comments.

I chose one of the ones that Robert posted: Flying Witches.

I was dumb enough to imagine flying.
I was mad enough to imagine weightless flight.
I was blind enough to think it was possible.

The light intruded on my imagination,
Trying to banish the witches flying above me
As I imagined them lifting me up, up into bliss.
The witches turned their back on the light
And we went right on imagining.

Now as I crawl into my space suit and prepare
To be launched towards the moon
I see the wizards and witches working last minute
Details on the spacecraft. They are scientists
Who were dumb enough to imagine flying.
Mad enough to imagine weightless flight.
Blind enough to think it was possible.

Here I go. They are lifting me up again.

(Note: No, I don't advocate witch craft. The witches in the painting represent imagination and at the time of the painting, it was thought that imagining impossible things was a sign of madness, blindness, and dumbness. So while I would rather imagination be represented by something other than witches, I'm still an advocate of people using their imaginations.)

Here's a prompt from my own mind, if it helps you think of what to write:
Write a poem about plastic. It's many uses, its annoying habit of melting when you accidentally put it on a hot stove, whatever. I'll be thinking about this one and will try to post a poem about plastic in the comments. Have fun writing!

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