Friday, April 16, 2010

PAD Challenge - Days 15 & 16

Day 15 - Write a poem about deadlines (because, you know, it's tax season. I obviously am not very good at deadlines as I'm posting this a day late!)

This poem requires a little insider information as to what I'm talking about, but most of the people who read this blog should know what I mean. I couldn't think of anything that had to do with an actual deadline, so this is what I came up with. (It's a line that's named death. Close enough, right?)

The Black Line of Death

My brother's team is climbing, climbing
all his quizzers jumping, jumping.
For first place are hoping, hoping,
To stay above the black line of death.

Quiz masters are asking, asking,
Team members are quoting, quoting,
Score keepers are watching, watching,
To see who falls below the black line of death.

Time out! Coaches are coaching, coaching.
Time in. Audience is waiting, waiting.
Proud parents are video taping,
Regardless of the black line of death.

Geeks, the laptops repairing, repairing,
Helpers, the quiz boxes are packing, packing.
Quizzers, the chairs are stacking, stacking.
And still is looming the black line of death.

Worship team is playing, playing,
TFC, awards are giving, giving.
All the quizzers smiling, smiling,
who stayed above the black line of death.

Day 16 - Write a poem having to do with death.

The Alien Planet

Dear friends and family,
I recently visited an alien planet.
It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
There were plants as tall as houses,
and aliens most strange.

I could never quite tell if
The air was toxic.
Some aliens were deathly afraid of it.
Others breathed in all they could get of it.
I, myself, chose to keep my helmet on.

The planet and the aliens were one.
They covered it almost entirely
with strips of manufactured rock.
I wonder if they were trying to bind it
and hold parts of it together.

They have a peculiar ritual
that isn't a ritual at all.
The right of passage is something
that happens to all of them
yet they are always surprised when it happens.

They are never prepared either.
They are always sad when it happens.
You'd think they would remember
Every day to prepare for such an important thing.
I know I did. I always looked forward to growing up.

But anyways, on this alien planet
I got to see this ritual.
They are very primitive, and they have
No idea what happens after someone has
gone through the right of passage.

If you ever visit there, I'd suggest
It as an educational trip only.
It's no vacation, but it has opened my eyes
To how forgetful a race could possibly be.
I hope to take my children to Earth someday.


  1. My day 1 poem:

    Redemption (Daniella’s Poem)

    I take a step in your direction.
    I take a step of faith.
    I can’t turn,
    I won’t turn and walk away.

    To the throne I step.
    To the floor I roll.

    “I can’t do this."
    I say.

    “I’m with you."
    I hear.

    Glancing up, I see
    His golden face.
    Tears streak
    I blink tightly,
    And look away.

    He can’t, CAN’T
    See my face,
    Lest he know,
    Know what I’ve done,
    The person I’ve become.

    He speaks to me.

    I run, but find no feet.
    I’m numb,
    Numb and can’t feel
    A thing.

    He speaks again to me.

    I feel love.
    What a weird thing to know,
    After I’ve done such a thing,
    Then hid from the King.

    He speaks, once more to me.

    “No!” I scream,
    Tears rolling down my face,
    Mascara pasted to my cheek.

    “Don’t you see what I’ve done?
    Do you realize what a one
    I’ve become?”

    “I see everything,”
    I hear him breathe.
    “I know everything.”
    He ministers to me.

    “Now come,
    Come and speak to me.”

    Getting up from my hands and knees,
    The feeling returning to my feet,
    I run,
    I run towards the King.

    How little sense
    It does make,
    That such a one
    Would love me,
    After I commit to
    Sin and love’s disease.

  2. Oops, that is supposed to say "My day 17" poem. Sorry!

  3. That's great Reesha!! I likey. :)

  4. Oops, didn't realize that both poems were in the same post. I very much enjoyed both of them, though the previous comment was directed toward Day 16.