Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PAD Challenge - Days 22 through 28

Hi all.
Remember how I said I was getting burnt out poetry-writing wise? Well, I took a few days off from writing poems and it helped.
Now I'm back to make up for the days I missed.

Day 22
- Write an Earth poem

When the Earth Drinks

The feeling in my stomach
the rain gives me when it's
been dry for so long,
puts me in a mesmerized state.
I feel like doing nothing but
curling up and watching
the rain patter on the window
with joy and coziness.

Day 23 - Write a poem about exhaustion.

Treated for exhaustion

I drag myself out of bed
every morning
Work hard, do busy things,
every day
Make plans, have fun
every weekend
Listen to the radio
every drive
Just to hear that another
spoiled princess millionaire
was rushed to the hospital
and treated for
I mean, really?

Day 24 - Write an evening poem.

The sun makes me sluggish

but as soon as the setting sun zips
all responsibilities behind it
leaving the entire dark night
ahead of it free from
all work,
I feel I could stay up all night
and take over the world.

Day 25 - Write a poem inspired by a song, and name the artist and the song, if possible.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Isreal Kamamawiwo'ole

Wishing to be over the rainbow
is better than actually being there.
Believe me.
I've been held captive by this
stupid leprechaun for
three hundred years now.
And yes, there are blue birds here.
So I guess it's not all bad.
I just wish that all those
troubles people send over here
would stop melting like lemon drops
and falling down my chimney.
Everything smells like burnt lemons.

Day 26 - Write a poem that has something to do with "More than 5 Times" (Robert changed the prompt to this because the commenting system was broken on his blog, and people had to attempt to post their poems more than five times).

Being in Love

They say insanity is marked
by individuals who repeat
the same action over again
and expect different results.

I've forgiven you
more than five times,
expecting something different.
But I must be insane.

Every time you ask for forgiveness,
just know I wouldn't change a thing.
I happen to like being driven crazy
every now and then by who you are.

Better that you're always
saying sorry for not taking out the trash,
than me having to forgive you
for something worse.

Oh, and by the way,
I can tell by your silly smile
and star-struck eyes
that, just like me,
you're a little insane too
for putting up with me.

Day 27 - Write a hopeful poem or a hopeless poem.

"Mordor. The one place in Middle-earth we don't want to see any closer. It's the one place we are trying to get to. It's just where we can't get." - Sam from The Two Towers by Tolkien

I'm on my Hero Quest, I guess

I often feel like Samwise,
having a task at hand
that I don't want to do,
but being compelled,
and even when I try
(which I never wanted
to try in the first place)
I'm thwarted.
It's the worst of days
to have problems like that.
Do not want.
But must get.
And can't get.
No, yes, no.
Oh, cruel vice of circumstance
that seems so deliciously
created for making heros!

Day 28 - Write an end of the line poem. (A person at the end of his/her line, end of a phone line, assembly line, power line, waiting lines, lines of poetry, etc.)

People at the End of the Line

When the conductor shouts
"End of the Line!" and everyone's
supposed to get off,
that's when you'll meet
the most interesting people.

When someone went to the end of the line,
they were usually trying to get
as far away as possible from something
or someone.

Damsels in distress starting a new life,
criminals planning to hide in remote little towns.
Boys and girls of all ages
escaping adventure-less circumstances
or maybe escaping to them.

Do you think I might ever
meet you there, at the end of the line?
What would be your story?
What would be mine?


  1. Glad to see you are back, Reesha. :) Part of the reason why the poetry might have been straining you, is because it could have felt too "forced". If you know what I mean when I say that, after all the prompts and pressure to write every day, the poems become mechanical and unnatural towards who you are. IDK, that was just a guess, based on my own experiences. That's why I really don't do the whole prompt thing. I think that poetry (not that I have any problem with prompts) should be natural and from the heart, and that there should not be a set topic. I think it should more of flow from what we are feeling or experiencing at the time. But, hey, that is only my interpretation of poetry. There are many styles of it, and it is very free; that's why I love it so much... Haha, sorry if this made zero sense! Keep up the awesome poems! You are doing fabulous!

    My Day 29 Poem:

    The Robbery

    So quick do our plans change.
    So hasty are we to give ourselves away,
    The parts of us we meant to save.
    So easy is it
    To go to far, to love them too much.
    So hard has it become
    To forget the memories, to loose the pain.
    And such a challenge it is, to forgive the suffering,
    To end the good dreams we want to keep, we want to save
    In our pockets.

    This is it.
    This is the life I have always wanted.
    I got the man I never thought I’d get,
    I honestly never thought I’d want.
    I’ve become the person everyone else wants to be.
    I’ve given everything to make it here.
    And, yet, now that I’m not alone,
    I feel more lonely than I’ve ever felt before.
    Is it really worth it, to gain everything we’ve ever wanted,
    If we, in the process, loose everything that ever meant anything to us,
    If we loose sight of the truth, the light, and our friends who really care?
    And is it really worth it,
    To be with the man that makes me happy,
    If I know he’ll only leave be broken in the end?

    My life is slipping through my hands
    Like water, Like sand.

    Where are my beliefs now?
    I’ve broken every boundary,
    Shattered every reflection of the truth,
    Erased every sign that tells me
    This is all a lie. This is all fake.

    I know it won’t last.
    I know it is all temporary.
    I know I am hurting people
    Right now.
    I’m loosing the people I love the most,
    In search of something,
    Something I’d always criticized,
    Something I never thought I’d want.
    I can’t believe I’m actually looking for happiness
    In a relationship.
    I’m too young. I’m too young.
    I’ve surrendering too much for this one thing
    That will never last.

    And now, now where am I?
    Where are my beliefs?
    I’m so confused.
    I feel so robbed. I feel crushed.
    And I feel shame. I am ashamed of my mistakes,
    The ones I thought I’d never make.

    I guess this just goes to show,
    It only takes a thought, a moment, a minute
    To give ourselves away.
    And that really isn’t fair.
    Cause we can never get ourselves back.
    We can never give away two
    First kisses, Two first memories.
    We can’t give away two hearts,
    When we only own one
    In the first place.

  2. Hey Gracia.
    You are right. It was straining because it was forced.

    But the truth of the matter is, if it wasn't forced, I never would have written ANYTHING, and that is much, much worse than not writing anything at all.

    I can always erase, delete or throw out something I don't like that I've written, but it's hard to dislike something I haven't written.

    Plus it's great practice for avoiding that whole myth about writer's block. I don't believe writer's block really exists, but being forced to write a poem a day helps me push myself through times I don't feel like writing. When next I'm working on something important and feel that way, I'll have better chances at continuing on for going through the Poem A Day challenge.

  3. Interesting thoughts... I think I agree with all that you said. I just have one question: Why do you think it is that some days you feel like writing and other you don't? It may seem like a kinda dumb question, but I just wonder if it is related to mood or what.

    Personally, there is really never a day where I don't want to write. This is because writing is my escape, how I express myself, and, often times, the only "person" I can talk to. It is really the only way I can vent my thoughts and get peace. Though some days I may not want to do a certain kind of writing, I almost always, in the most literal sense, want to write poetry.

  4. :D Great question!

    I think of it like this:

    1. Writer's block is a myth.
    2. Dentists don't get dentist's block so why should writers get writer's block?
    3. If writing is a profession for me, (like I hope it to be someday,) writer's block is really just a fancy name for "I don't feel like going to work today."

    4. Caveat: There are times when a person needs to take breaks from writing. I can always tell because I start writing about writing. Time to inject some life experiences so I have something to write about! :)

    But to answer your actual question if our mood affects whether we want to write or not, I think it has more to do with making decisions.

    When writing, you have to decide which word comes next. If you're writing a novel, that's anywhere from 60,000 to 150,000 decisions to make!!! (Depending on word count.)
    I think after making so many decisions, the brain's decision maker just becomes a little broken and needs some rest.

    Writing to express yourself is awesome. But once a person has pushed passed mere expression and writes for others, that's when it gets really hard.

    Having to make a lot of wedding decisions this month has made it really hard for me to write a poem a day. So I'm glad I've made it all the way through.

  5. Hey, thanks for answering the Q. You've now got me thinking.... I do agree with you that writer's block is made up and a mere excuse. I guess I just hadn't thought about it much before.

    I suppose, yes, it would be harder when you write for others, but I never really plan to do that. I write for myself, and if others enjoy it, that's great! But if they don't, it's like, oh well. I write to express myself and my personal experiences. It is something that works for me, and I would be thrilled if my writing helped others express themselves.

    It is pretty cool, though, when I "publish" one of my works on the internet, maybe on a site where I have no connections, and I get a person looking at my profile, then calling me up or emailing me just to tell me that my poem made them cry. Haha, that happened a few times, where people I didn't know have contacted me and told me that my poems are powerful. It is really encouraging, but, like I said, I really just write for myself and sometimes, to inspire others.