Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PAD Challenge - Day 13

Hi everyone!

The prompt for today was quite challenging for me. Hope it helps you crank out some great poems.

Two prompts for today: Write a love poem, or write an anti-love poem.

Love poem:

I'm just sayin'...

At the risk of being lumped in
with hippies, evangelists, and scammers,
scary people, bad romance novels,
emotionals, sentimentals, and broken records,
country songs, greeting card companies,
fiery preachers and little sisters everywhere,
I want to tell you,
it's okay to fall in love with
something that makes you feel
like you're crazy for believing in it.
It's okay to take a leap of faith
even when you're scared to death.
It's okay to think that maybe the whole
Jesus thing is interesting enough to check out.
I'm just sayin'
He's available anytime if you want to talk.

Anti-love poem:

I, Fear

I'll keep you busy for years
trying to find freedom.
I planted the idea in your head
years ago that your freedom was
in danger and you had to be vigilant
to protect it.

Now you're huddled in a corner
holding freedom to your breast
like a little child,
gun trained on any threat, keeping
constant watch. You are more diligent
Than I had hoped for.

You're afraid of everything now.
Afraid to get a job because
It takes away your freedom.
Afraid to join a religion,
Afraid to commit to responsibility.
Yes, you've been more vigilant than I'd hoped.

I've got you so busy shooting at
doors of opportunity
that you don't even know
love is knocking at several of them.

Raise your gun, keep it steady.
Here's some more amo.
Don't let those doors swing open.
Protect your freedom from love
at all costs.
Keep my sworn enemy at bay
and I will give you what you need
to fight forever.

You and me, we can go far with your freedom.
We'll be here in this corner for years
doing nothing but shooting
at those Wiley opportunities to love.

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  1. My day 14 poem is not a very good poem, but, oh well. Here it is anyways. I hope it makes some sense, cause I can never really tell for sure. The way my poetry works is, I take my emotions and my experiences and put them on paper. I never do "light-hearted" poems. I go deep, because that is the poetry I appreciate the most. So almost all my poems are like journal entries, except I sometimes use fictional experiences to express my emotions (but most the time they are true). Anyways!


    Yet hesitantly,
    If there is such a thing,
    I pushed him to tell me
    He had taped his heart closed,
    And tried to please me with
    Falsehoods and jokes.
    All I wanted was the truth.
    All I wanted was something to believe in.
    I just wanted things to make sense.

    Confessing his emotions,
    I got just what I had asked for,
    Exactly what I had expected.
    Yet, I was still surprised.
    I was still confused.

    When everything
    Had been laid flat on the ground,
    With no hidden walls
    And no jokes or follies,
    I now wish we had kept
    The secrets we spilled
    To ourselves.
    I wish I had never told you
    How I feel,
    How I felt.

    Cause now got
    Everything I had prayed for,
    Everything I swore
    Would make me happy.

    And now,
    I have never been more miserable
    In my entire life.

    So much for happiness.
    So much for asking for
    The truth.