Thursday, November 12, 2009

Writing Buddy

You know how flies only live a short period of time, and you can tell how long they have left to live by how fast they move?
There's a fly that's been bugging me for awhile now where I write. Today I noticed it's getting more daring and flying right onto my keyboard while I'm typing! It's also getting really slow in its reaction time.

I was tempted to catch and kill it, but I figure, it's going to die soon anyways. I guess I'm just overcome with compassion today. For now, it's my writing buddy. The fly on the wall that, even if my inner critic says my story is bad, will look on from above. I'm kind of glad it stuck around. Makes me think my story must be great if it chose to spend the last moments of its life reading it.

NaNoWriMo update:
I got a little stuck the last few days. Am just now wiggling my way out of it.

Word count: 33,211 as of this afternoon.

Ok, back to the, er,.....writing board.
(I guess that would be keyboard.)


  1. 33k, that's amazing. You did all that since Nov. 1. Wow, I'm impressed!!!

    I thought I was doing well with near 26k.

    I'm kind of laughing at the fly scenario being your buddy. Isn't it kind of sad that a fly becomes that. But yet, I can totally understand the company aspect of even an annoying fly with our fairly solitary work.

  2. Ignore your inner critic! Okay, maybe you shouldn't completely ignore it, but don't let it stifle your creativity.

    You're doing great on NaNo!

  3. Lol, nice. :)

    I really look forward to seeing some of your finished writings in the future, knowing that I've known you for 12+ years, and I've never seen anything you've written (excluding your July poetry). Can't wait! :)

    [If NaNoWriMo turns out nice, I'd like to see them.]

  4. Hey Eileen. Welcome! You ARE doing well at 26k. Just keep going!

    Thanks, Cindy. Attempting to ignore.... *plugs metaphorical ears and duct tapes metaphorical mouth of inner critic*

    :D I'm looking forward to seeing some of your writings too, Gracia. And for sure, you can read my stuff after I'm done with NaNoWriMo. Of course, keep in mind, it's from NaNoWriMo. lol

  5. Wow Reesha; you're really clipping along!

    Cool fly story.


  6. Very cool blog! Sigh. Wish I could catch the NaNoWriMo fever!

    Give your writing buddy a hug?X*@@!! for me?

  7. Thanks Patti. Maybe next year you can join us!
    Or, just do it on your own during a different month. I've often thought about doing this. November just seems to be a pretty crazy time. But then again, when are things NOT crazy?

    Sorry I can't give my writing buddy a hug. He flew off somewhere. I'm starting to think he was more of the opposite of a muse since I had major break through the day he disappeared.