Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mottos and Dragonish Stuff

Found this interesting link through Carrie's blog about character mottos. It might prove interesting.

The character mottos from my book and their consequences at the end:

Main Character: Follow your dreams no matter what = satisfaction
Secondary Character: Do the absolute best that you can = safety
Villain: Do whatever it takes = death
Plot mover: Follow your heart = selfish and insignificant paradise

My NaNoWriMo novel has taken off! Or, at least one of them has.
I had a story in mind that I wanted to write and was really excited about. But then there was this other story that my writing buddies and friends asked me to do for NaNoWriMo. Short story is I'm going to try to do both. Which means I'm attempting to write 3,334 words per day instead of the regular 1,667.

Yesterday I got on par with 13,748 words. It's been a lot of fun.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, you'll see the banner I made for "Dragons of Windsor."

How are your NaNo novels coming? Want to post an excerpt? I'd love to see a snippet of what you all are doing.

Here's an excerpt from my secondary character's journal:

The Castle definitely needs to be bolstered in several areas. The general look of the place is at best outdated. I understand why the King has been advised to change it. This is the creative opportunity of a lifetime and I intend to use my full force on it. I did not think once today about how I might serve the Dragons or how I might be a better spy, blacksmith, husband or father. For one day I was simply an inventor. Though I gladly fulfill the other roles placed on me, I am thankful for the chance to immerse myself in one thing only. Though I don’t doubt the requirements of a spy will surface soon enough. And I wish but do not expect that my role as father and husband will come back to me someday soon.

Sorry I don't have any incredibly compelling moments yet. No tear-jerking scenarios or emotionally charged scenes. But they will come.

How are your NaNo Novels coming?


  1. I'm plugging along! Slowly...

  2. I'm at a snail's pace. I sneaked a paragraph between homework a couple days ago.

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