Monday, November 2, 2009


NaNoWriMo has started!!!!

I will post more once I have a significant word count.

What are you doing reading this blog? Get to writing!!!

Or, just use the Metaphor of the Day Assignment to help your writing along:


Come up with a metaphor for a procrastinator. Yeah, I know. Not an original prompt here, but hey, I've gotta get to writing.


  1. This is me procrastinating right now. The little one's taking a nap, the oldest isn't out of school for another hour and instead of writing, I'm checking blogs. But hey, I've got to support my fellow writers, right? :D Okay, back to work now. Seriously.

  2. Thanks for the support, Cindy! :D I too have a little one napping: my baby cousin. As precious as she is, she's the biggest distraction to my writing. Hope they nap for a long time for you.

  3. Nope; not participating. But, I'm stopping by my favorites to say: keep going! Yahoooooo! Anything you did today, this week, is great. Can't wait to see a post of what you've accomplished.