Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 3 of NaNo!

I think I missed week 2. Oh well.

Chris Baty is right: the second week of NaNoWriMo is the toughest!
I'm not exactly sure why this is. I do know that last week I was down in the dumps about my story, and today, Monday, I'm happy as can be and was able to write 5k+ words today. :D

NaNoWriMo Update:

Total words: 41,626
Average words per hour for November: 469.31 (whoah, that's low!)
Words left to reach 50k: 8,374
Average words per day: 2,602
At this rate I'll be done on: Nov. 19th
Percent complete: 83%

Am I obsessed with numbers and figures? No, not really. I just happened across a really cool Excel spread sheet publiushjm made for NaNoWriMo. Thanks publiushjm!


  1. Oh, Excel spreadsheet! Okay, I was just saying to myself that I thought writers were supposed to be bad at math. I am, at least, but I'm a little unusual anyway :D

    You're doing an awesome job! Are you going to keep writing once you get to 50K or you going to take a break?

  2. lol, your doing awesome! and you did seem really happy yesterday!

    you said your at about 40k; does that include both stories, or just one?

  3. You're doing so well!! Awesome progress. keep it coming.

  4. Cindy: Yeah, the chart definitely makes it easier to figure stuff out. It mostly just saves me time. Otherwise I'd spend hours procrastinating on writing and instead be crunching numbers on a calculator.

    Gracia: It just includes the one story. I was hoping to get both done this month but it doesn't look like that's possible now. Oh well. I'd rather be ambitious and not make it than be under-ambitious and not feel challenged.

    Thanks Eileen! :D

  5. Of course you're obsessed with numbers! You have signed on to reach a certain number in a specific time frame. Bravo on keeping up!

    I get fixated on the word count myself. I like to produce a certain number when I'm involved in a project, and I also have in mind the goal of word count for the genre I'm writing in.

    For my novels, I was constantly checking to keep me from stinting on descriptions and action, or from overwriting them. As for the short stories, definitely need a specific word count if you have a certain contest or magazine you're writing for.

    I do things the easy way though. I just click on tools and word count in my Works program to keep track.