Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 7

It's been a week filled with NaNoWriMo.

Here's where I stand:

Total word count: 19,896
Average number of words per day: 3,316
At this rate I'll be done on: Nov. 15th
Percent complete: %40

My goals:
1. Write 50k words on Dragons of Windsor, my historical young adult fiction.
2. Write 50k words on A Difference in Magic, my sci-fi fantasy fiction.

To copy Cindy Wilson's blog, I'm going to post an excerpt or action. Feel free to post your own excerpt or tell me about an action one of your character's is doing.


My MC has just witnessed her first embalming session, and shortly afterwards was kidnapped.

Excerpt from Dragons of Windsor:

Hannah watched with excitement, curiosity, and a little bit of melancholy. She had waited for this. She wasn’t entirely sure she was ready to take it all in, but was determined to do her best.

The embalmer, when Hannah first saw his face, looked very hollow. His face was a mixture between wrinkles and wrinkles that wanted to come out. They were barely held back by some invisible force. His eyes were clear, though he had barely any eyelashes. When he blinked at her, she saw a newborn’s eyes in the head of a bloated man. Still, he had done what he could with his appearance. He wore expensive slacks and a suit coat. When he removed it, she could see he already had on an apron underneath.

“I come to work prepared. Saves time.” He explained. Hannah wondered if he kept a box of disposable aprons near the front door or if he took the used ones home and washed them then brought them back. She didn’t ask. All in all, he was a sad man who seemed to slump forward from years of slow melancholy weighing him down. Hannah regarded him as a man who had probably faced death one too many times and was gradually succumbing to a sad truth about the human race. Is this how I will become? She wondered.


  1. Hmm, am I missing something - everything? I'm not seeing any of your progress stats, and no excerpt.


  2. Oops! Sorry. It's fixed now. I thought I had saved that post as a draft but instead I posted it.
    Thanks, Donna.