Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Poetry Month Prep

Hey everyone.
Sorry I didn't post on Monday like I usually do. Things were very busy.

For those of you who are writing along with me and those who might be posting their poems in the comments, I thought I'd go over a few things.

1. Robert Brewer at the Poetic Asides blog will have a poetry prompt for each day. I will be posting my poems over there in the comments, as well as here. If you want to read his rules about the Poem A Day challenge (PAD challenge), click here.

2. I might decide to put a prompt every day (or maybe just every week) on this blog myself. But you don't have to follow it! Feel free to post any poem in the comments that you write during April.

3. Out of all the poems posted in the comments I'll choose my favorite one. The winner will be awarded an incredibly awesome award made by me in photoshop. I haven't made it yet but it will be fabulous. I honestly don't expect a lot of people to post here, but if there are enough, I will choose my top five favorite poems.

4. About copyrights and such: I don't pretend to be able to handle all the technical and legal stuff that goes on with copyrights and posting on blogs. If you're worried that posting poems in the comments here will make your poetry not eligible for publication later, don't post. My personal philosophy is that I am a poet and that means I should always be able to produce new poetry. If a few of my poems get jaded because I put them online, I don't really care. I can always write new ones and they will be better than the last. (That's the theory anyways.)
Here's Robert Brewer's take on it, which I found very helpful.

5. The purpose of this is to motivate/encourage the writing of new poetry. Have fun with it!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'm looking forward to this poetry month. I do plan on posting maybe a couple in the comments boxes, but we'll see. Despite whether or not that happens, I will try and get you (via email or in person) my April poems sometime in May, Most likely. I'd also like to get a copy of your April poems, too, if that is do-able.