Monday, March 15, 2010

Location Writing Series, Part 1

I read this post by Robert Brewer about writing in a different location than you've ever written before.

I know that when I'm driving and listening to an audio book, if I go somewhere new, that new place gets imprinted on my mind along with the story. There are places on the highway where I remember some of my favorite characters falling in love, getting killed, or making discoveries, and every time I drive by them, I remember the stories.

When I was listening to C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength, I visited a Burger King I had never visited before. For me, that's where Miss Hardcastle died. I think about it every time I drive by there.

After reading Robert's post, and realizing that location does have a powerful effect on our memories, I've decided to do a project...

I'm going to write in a different location than I've ever written in before for at least half an hour every day this week. I'm not sure I'll get to post about it every day, but I'll at least do a summary next week of how it went.

Hopefully this way I can build up enough locations to trigger my memory if I ever get stuck with a piece of writing. Then perhaps going to those places will help.

I also suspect that my new iPod touch, a gift from my fiance, (thank you!), will help me write in places where a full-sized laptop might be difficult to manage.


  1. Nice! I also find it interesting how places can effect your writing and such, sometimes just because you read/heard something there. It is pretty cool that minor, insignificant events can imprint themselves upon the place of which they occurred. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing. :)Oooh, iPod touch, very nice!

    btw, How was your week off? Did you get a lot of productive writing done?

  2. Sounds like an interesting concept. Hope it works out for you.