Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Being Reachable

I read a blog post by Janet Reid about being reachable on the internet in case an interested agent or publisher or someone important wants to contact you.

So I googled my name to see what I could find. Then I realized I needed to sign out of facebook, amazon, and a lot of other things to make the search more honest. After all, a stranger wouldn't be able to see my full facebook page.

To my surprise, I found an article I had been interviewed for without even knowing it. Cool.

I was also talking to my writing friend cousin about this blog. She said she thinks I've gotten bogged down by trying to make it just about metaphors. So I'm going to cut that out.

I'll still post about metaphors when it comes naturally, but I think once I get the main information up here for people to reference to, posting about writing, publishing, and other stuff will be ok too.


  1. Hello Reesha, found you through Cuppa Jolie's blog. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers, ben

  2. you'd be surprised the things i found googling mine too.
    great blog. i'm following you now.
    you should check out mine. i do author interviews with give-a-ways, amongst other things books and writing.
    nice to meet you.

  3. you said, "my goodness, you wouldn't believe how many of them don't want their poems to be top quality! I thought maybe I was asking too much of them, but now I see they weren't asking enough of themselves."

    I can relate to that. Many writers set very low bars for themselves for their writing and intellect, and seek out people who will pat their backs for doing pat simple things. It's frustrating, but other people's decisions are their own for their own reasons.

  4. Hi Reesha, I hope your writing is going well!