Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surplus Sunday

It's quarter to 8 and I've already reached my word goal for the day, and I don't feel like writing anything more.
My husband and I put up our first ever Christmas tree together yesterday and it looks soooo joyful and Christmasy that I'm getting distracted thinking about Christmas.

My husband also bought me a chocolate orange yesterday, just because. (Awwww. :)
To keep myself motivated, I'm going to eat one slice of chocolate orange for every 1,000 words I write. (Also sharing one with the husband, of course!)

I'm going to eat a starter slice first though, just to let my taste buds know what I'm missing as I write.

Ready, set, BURST!

*kitteh is curious about chocolate orange*


  1. 2,162 words.

    Ah, sweet surplus!

    (I doubled my consumption of slices per thousand words to two.)

  2. lol! that resolution didn't last too long!


  3. though I'm not sure how I feel about setting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving.

  4. Yeah, I know. Chocolate oranges are just too good to only have one piece at a time.

    What can I say? Last year we didn't get to have a tree because of kitty emergency issues. So we were rather excited to finally put one up together this year. :D