Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Rejection Letter!

Hi all.

I received my first rejection letter this past week. Of course, I would rather have been asked to send in my full manuscript, but a first rejection letter is what I was expecting.

Woohoo! I've taken another step in my writing career and have officially entered the query phase! :D

The rejection letter was from Dragon Moon Press. Form letter. Very polite. They even apologized in the form letter for sending a form letter. I thought that was kind of cute.

Anyways, onward and upward. I thought I would feel devastated when I got my first rejection letter, but I don't. Thank you to all you publishers and agents and writers who blog about these things, otherwise I would not have known what to expect.

Update on experiment:
I tried writing 'til it hurt my brain, pushing past my normal 'I want to stop' moment. Conclusion: I hurt my brain.
But I did get some writing done and I think there's a good focus that comes from the other side of the push. I'll continue the experiment this week.


  1. Hey lady! Congrats on your first rejection letter! I know that sounds odd, but a rejection letter as much as a contract says that you are putting yourself out there, which is a huge step. :) So, again, CONGRATS!

  2. Reesha, I'm sorry you got a rejection letter, but I love your outlook on it. You are putting your work out there and better yet, you've done your research. You're well on your way :) Have a great week!

  3. Hi, Peanut,

    Never give up! Dr. Suess got 42 rejections before Cat in the Hat was accepted. If this is what God has called you to, then do it with all your might, and don't give up until He tells you to.

    XOXOXOXOXO always,