Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Implicit Metaphors

An Implicit Metaphor is where the likeness of the two objects is implied but not stated. Basically, it's a metaphor without an explanation.

I usually like to put explanations on my metaphors because it's a great tool for delivering an extra punch or to make a conceit metaphor understandable.

But there are every day expressions that use implicit metaphors. I find I use implicit metaphors without even thinking about it and they are usually made up on the spot without really thinking. This leads me to believe that implicit metaphors are also the more natural metaphors: the tenure and vehicle are very closely related and our minds naturally link them together in certain ways.

If I say "Zip your fly" it is an implicit metaphor because I have not specified what the vehicle "fly" stands for, and yet you will (hopefully) be able to figure it out with no further explanation.


Find examples of everyday usages of implicit metaphors or make one up.

The Bank has many branches.


  1. She was an easy read.

    (Though no one knew for certain, it was clear he had popped the question and she had accepted with pure delight.)

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