Monday, June 1, 2009

Big happenings

This weekend I got engaged!

So, for the MDA, maybe a metaphor about love, romance, or couples?

It seems when love is involved in writing, the author usually either treats it with epic-sounding words and fantastic situations, endowing on it the height of human happiness, or he/she treats it like a joke, uses it for humor, etc. Sometimes they do both.

I found this site contains hillarious metaphors written by high school students about love. Though there is some discussion about whether these are actually metaphors or similes, they still made me smile and gave me a little inspiration for writing.


Write a metaphor about romance or love. It can either be epic or humorous, or both, or anything in between.

The two lovers were determined to stick with each other like white on rice.

Btw, thanks to JP and Aranel and an annonymous off-site comment poster (my younger brother) for the comments.

I get to go to a Twin's game tonight with my fiance. Yay!

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