Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The War Continues

Every time I sit down to write now, I end up splitting my time between my two novels. It usually goes like this:

Sit down, drink tea, open project 1.

Smile at my darling novel, begin writing.

Get frustrated, close project 1, realize my dreams of being a writer are unrealistic.

Drink tea, open project 2.

Smile at the novel that's better than the other one, begin writing.

Get frustrated, drink tea, pet cat, get hugs from hubby, sit down, open project 1.

You see my dilemma? Oh, you don't see it? It's right there in between the fact that I'm managing to write something every day.

The truth is, I kind of like this. Even though I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, I am writing. And I'm writing even in the midst of getting frustrated at a project.

This is just more evidence that writer's block doesn't have to exist. All you need are several other writing projects to go to when you get stuck on one. That way, you'll always be writing no matter what.

Hang in there if you're frustrated or impatient for your novel to get done. And maybe go drink some tea.

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