Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We all make mistakes...and special project

So about my secret project that I've been working on...

I had an entire blog post to show you and for some reason blogger erased it when I tried to post it. :( But we all make mistakes. I know I've deleted stuff before without meaning to.

Sorry about that. I truly meant to post on Monday.

Anyways, my secret project has been making altered journals to give away to others. The idea is that the journal will either simply inspire them as they come across pages that have been altered, or the owner of the journal will write a story that has something to do with each page.

Here are some pictures of the journal I made for my younger brother for Christmas. I'm working on writing a short story to go with each special page, but that will be a long time coming.



  1. Wow, Reesha! Thaaaat's more than a little awesome! I mean, I am blown away by how great that looks! Which one was the lucky brother? ;)

  2. Hehe, Thanks Reesha. Now I can be envied by the whole of the internets by your lovely Christmas present to me.

  3. Hey Gracia. My youngest brother was the lucky one. :) I'm glad you like it! Thanks.

    Aranel, are you sure you don't mean my 'loverly' present to you? :P

  4. Well I had wondered what happened . . .

    This is way cool. I love the pop-ups, especially the ship. My brother used to make "ships in the bottle" and I'm fascinated by them.