Monday, December 28, 2009

Altered Journals

So about this secret project I've been working on...

I found some nice, cheap, journals where the binding was a little too wide for the pages it contained. For my purposes, this was perfect.

I've been a fan and connoisseur of Origami and Kirigami for a long time. (Also Scherenschnitte.) I wanted to combine these with my love for journals and books with unique layouts.

After reading about altered books, I decided it was time to make some altered journals. I hope someday to have an actual plot line linking all the doo-dads together. For now I'll leave that up to the people I'm giving them to. But I have an outline written and a few character sketches for such a plot. And even though it will be a kid's adventure storybook, I'm hoping it will also capture the attention of the adults in my life.

I made this journal out of old wallpaper samples and printer paper for my younger brother.


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