Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writer's Block

I sat down to write today and realized there are parts in my plot I want so badly to make sense. But they don't. I want them to happen. But it's not logical that they should.

I need some strong plot devices to motivate my characters and move them to do what I want.

What are your favorite plot devices? How do you get your characters to do what you want them to?

Also, it's been awhile so here's a new Metaphor of the Day Assignment:

Write a metaphor that describes either a pleasant or unpleasant aspect of your main character.

Example: (Highlight the text below if you need inspiration)
(Note: these are about two different characters)

She was as thin as a sickly piece of grass. Even her complexion looked green and tender.


The herbalist was a flower herself: she bloomed where she planted and looked after her own.


  1. Good luck in NaNoWriMo, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Favorite plot device: submit to critique group.
    That should come up with some ideas.

    Well actually, I've been sitting on the same trilogy for a couple years now, and haven't really written anything new because of being so engrossed.

    But I've finished editing and revising my first novel, and mostly finished revising the second, so I'm kinda looking around for something new. I've been content with flash and short story plots.

    And yes, my writers group has given me inspiration for about three stories - shorts I think - to develop.

    A plot, a plot, my last born for a plot!! Or is that idea. Same thing, right?

    Oh, a metaphore for procrastinate. How about "housework". I only do that when I'm avoiding something important - usually writing.