Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Faith, Dreams and Charity...oh my!

Just when I was beginning to loose faith in social networking, something like this happens. Thank you CKHB for the award. I love the Panda!

And now I'm ready to begin again with the crazy writing-networking balance.

This past week for boring reasons I've been without any word processor whatsoever except the sticky notes on my Mac. (Well, and paper and pencil, the FIRST word processors.) It made me slow down my writing a bit, which made me re-evaluate my dreams and aspirations. I realized I don't have as much faith in my dreams as I used to.

But then this morning I saw one of my characters walk down the sidewalk. He was exactly what the villain in my story is supposed to look like! I was driving so I didn't even have the chance to embarrass myself and ask "Hey, you look like my villain! Can I take a picture?" which I know was for the best. So now I have a little something more to go off of. If anyone's ever seen the movie Inkheart, it was almost like the scene where the author sees Dustfinger alive for the first time. (And it is a great movie for writers. Soothes my burning unpublished heart every time.)

I've been thinking about all this social networking we do, trying to make connections. I feel a little like a lonely little chick just out of the egg. Awkward, struggling, and with goo still stuck to my feathers. But my thoughts so far have led me to this: Social networking is great because it's one of the few tools completely run on charity. People donate outrageous amounts of their time building connections and making one more weave in the net of people connected. So, in following with CKHB's recognition, I too wish to say thank you to everyone following this blog. It makes a difference to me and to the world. Seriously. Baby whales somewhere are spouting for joy.

I appreciate your charitable contributions of time and attention and connectivity.

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  1. Well, there you are Reesha!

    I've been looking for you since I saw (CKHB's?) someone comment on Nathan's blog that you might be starting a critique group. It sounds cool.

    My problem is that I've been working on revising my already written novels - the first one almost exclusively - these last few months and haven't gotten around to writing anything new in ages.

    But, I'm definitely interested. Keep me in mind if you get it going.

    The panda was pretty awesome, and so was the note attached to it. Glad you're not feeling so lonely anymore.

    I take a notebook and pen with me to the writers group I joined. It feels different to write without all that technology. Not that I'd go very long - or willingly - without my computer. When it's down, I go nuts!

    I'll stop by every once in a while to check out your metaphors. I've very bad with those, I doubt there's very many in my own novels, but I might try a few of your challenges when I have more time.

    Have a great night.